Best Junior

Best Senior

Looking back-Debbie Evans
Evening at The Council Chambers-Chris Jo
Canal Walk - Antonia Castanheira
Tracy - Aubrey Siebert
Oct- Dawn rolling in - Freya Nell
Oct- Capitol Hill Cuba-Karen Kolozsvari.
Best Jnr - Sept - Hush little baby-Fazel
Best Snr - Sept - Leader of the pack-Kob
Best Jnr - Aug - On line shopping-Debbie
Best Snr - Aug - New York Sax Player-Chr
Best Jnr - July -Hear no Evil and Laugh-
Best Snr - July -Stormy Stripes-Annemari
Best Jnr - June - I Have a Blue House-Ma
Best Snr - June - Old time Blues-Martin
Best Jnr - May - High on the hills-Freya
Best Snr - May - Twilight Chimp-Martin B
April Best Jnr - Imagine-Ryan Enslin
April Best Snr -The Shed-Martin-Barber
Best Jnr March -Into The Light-Ryan Ensl
Best Snr March -The Peaceful Flamingo-Ma
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Best Jnr March -Into The Light-Ryan Ensl