GOLD AWARDS December 2020

Window on Winelands-Debbie Evans
Wrecked-Andy Rice
Young Mothers Love-Marlene Gracie
Water Rocks Power-Debbie Evans
Vat hom Fluffy-Calvin Way
Us 2-Dereck  du Preez
Traditional Beauty-Muriel Joubert
The Secret Behind Closed Doors-Muriel Jo
The Island-Michael Feistel
The Perfect Rose-Muriel Joubert
Squacco Heron-Cliffy Els
Stormy launch-Donald Brotherston
Spiral of Life-John Mills
Soaking Up The Morning Sunrays-Simon Fle
so close-Fazel Raymond
Smile for the Camera-Marlene Gracie
see you on the other side-Fazel Raymond.
Sani - 17 - 102-Russell James
River Runs Through-Antonia Castanheira
Plight Of The Street Children-John Mills
PE Bikers-Dereck du Preez
on the jetty-Gerrie Labuschagne
On the Beach-STAN Feinstein
Night Shift-Ryan Enslin
Natural light natural beauty-Calvin Way.
Misty Mountain High-Antonia Castanheira.
Maestro-Antonia Castanheira
Lets twist again-Cliffy Els
Leopard stalking - 01-Russell James
koningsriethaan-Gerrie Labuschagne
Itching-Michael Feistel
In the Dungeon-Dereck du Preez
In The Courtyard-Michael Feistel
Harvesting the Light-John Mills
Guilty Pleasure-Calvin Way
Forest Guard-Chris Joubert
Focussed through the Stable Door Opening
eye of the ellie-Gerrie Labuschagne
Distant Thoughts-Simon Fletcher
Christi bw 5-Cliffy Els8
Chaos Crossing-Marlene Gracie
Christi 6-Cliffy Els
Cango Caves-STAN Feinstein
Bridging Arch-Debbie Evans
Blue Train-Marlene Gracie
Aberdeen Evening-Andy Rice
Autumn Slopes-Antonia Castanheira
Amanda-Chris Joubert
Arya posing-Calvin Way
Forest Guard-Chris Joubert