GOLD AWARDS December 2020

Two Dollars for the Ride mam-STAN Feinst
Wonder Woman-Dereck du Preez
View from the Top-Antonia Castanheira
Vicky 7417-alexius van der westhuizen
Trunken Protection-ANNEMARIE DU PLESSIS.
Through the shades-Cathy Dooley
The Glass Blower-John Mills
Taking a dust bath-Kobus Yssel
Tattoed Monica-Cliffy Els
Standing Guard-Calvin Way
Sunset cove-Freya Nell
Storm-Martin Barber
Southern Ground Hornbill-Russell James
Silent Hunter-Michael Feistel
Sharing a Drink at the Waterhole
Rainy Valley-Michael Feistel
Preperation-Chris Joubert
Power Dance-Martin Barber
Polocrosse - Shongweni 2018 - 08-Russell
Ok Big Guy-Simon Fletcher
Out of the Tube-John Mills
No 12 vs No 13-Donald Brotherston
Mountain Herd-Kobus Yssel
Leopard relaxing-Russell James
Look A Me-Dereck du Preez
Leave Your Hat On-Dereck du Preez
Lead Me To That Place-Ryan Enslin
hello-Fazel Raymond
Giants in the Dust-ANNEMARIE DU PLESSIS.
Freedom awaits-Donald Brotherston
Ghandi Square-alexius van der westhuizen
Elephants in clouds-Joey James
Filigree Feather-John Mills
Dolour Fungis -Val Valentin
Drinking water from the sand-Cathy Doole
Dont Mess with Me-Joey James
Desert Lion-Joey James
Cowgirl Bull Riding-Cliffy Els
Cloudy evening at Swakop Pier-Russell Ja
Calm before the storm-alexius van der we
Choked City-Antonia Castanheira
Caught On Film-Ryan Enslin
BW Photographer-Michael Feistel
Burger Ria-Kobus Yssel
Black Rhino-Deon Van Aarde
Boys and Toys-Kobus Yssel
Blowing in the Wind-Chris Joubert
Biker Girl Savanah-Simon Fletcher
Bad Habit-Michael Feistel
Be Aware-Simon Fletcher
4 Dogs-Gottfried Knell
All in a row-Donald Brotherston
Bad Habit-Michael Feistel