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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

     Our Mission is to nurture photography as a unique art form and

                  present these “paintings of light” that reflects life

                                      and a moment in time.

Baby Ellie at Sunset Author Kobus Yssel.jpg

Baby Ellie at Sunset
Author Kobus Yssel

Our Story

Welcome to the Southern Suburbs Camera Club (SSCC), a community steeped in over sixty years of rich photographic heritage. Established in 1962 by Mr. Ernie Anderson and his comrades, all of whom were esteemed members of the Camera Club of Johannesburg, SSCC began its journey as a humble gathering of passionate photographers in what was then a vibrant Southern Suburbs community.

With a shared love for the art and craft of photography, SSCC quickly flourished, attracting over 80 enthusiastic members in its early years. This remarkable growth necessitated finding a dedicated space to convene and foster the club's collective talent. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Herb Dent, the esteemed principal of Hill Extension Primary School (now Highveld Primary), SSCC found a welcoming home. Mr. Dent graciously offered the use of the biology room for the club's monthly meetings, providing a nurturing environment where members could exchange ideas, hone their skills, and embark on photographic journeys together.

Since those humble beginnings, SSCC has evolved into a thriving community of shutterbugs, united by a shared passion for capturing moments, exploring creativity, and celebrating the beauty of the visual world. Our club continues to uphold the values of camaraderie, learning, and artistic expression that have been the cornerstone of our journey thus far.

Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting your photographic odyssey, SSCC welcomes you to join our ranks. Together, let us continue to illuminate the world through the lens of our cameras and forge lasting connections through our shared love for photography.

Meet The Team

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