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Trophy Awards 2022

At Southern Suburbs Camera Club, we believe in the power of photography to capture moments and tell stories.  We are proud to honor our members who strive to make exceptional photographs with our annual awards ceremony.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

                                                                                                                                   Ansel Adams


Overall Senior Image of the Year
Senior Portrait Image of the Year
"Lonely places, empty dreams"

Author - Martin Barber

Lonely Places, Empty dreams– Martin Barber.jpg

Senior Scapes Image of the Year
"Within striking distance" 
Author - Alexius vd Westhuizen

Within striking distance – Alexius vd Westhuizen.jpg

Senior Photojournalism & Sport
Image of the Year
"Red Racer" 
Author - Cliffy Els

Red Racer - Cliffy Els.jpg

Senior Open Colour Image of the Year
"Morning Battle" 
Author - Simon Fletcher


Morning Battle – Simon Fletcher.jpg

Senior Open Mono Image of the Year
Author - Dereck du Preez

Teresa – Dereck du Preez.jpg

Senior Wildlife Image of the Year
Author - Kevin Fowler

Challenge – Kevin Fowler.jpg

Overall Junior Image of the Year
Junior Monochrome Image of the Year

"Mr Conductor"
Author - Stan Feinstein 

Mr Conductor – Stan Feinstein.jpg

Junior Open Colour Image of the Year
"Storms at sea"
Author - Stan Feinstein

Storms at sea – Stan Feinstein.jpg

Junior Scapes Image of the Year
"City life at night"
Judy Joubert

City life at night – Judy Joubert.jpg

Junior Portrait Image of the Year
"Angelic Eyes" 
Author - Jacques Lourens

Angelic Eyes – Jacques Lourens.jpg

Junior Wildlife Image of the Year
"5 Little Birds"
Author - Stuart Robertson

5 Little Birds Author Stuart Robertson.jpg
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